A Metamorphosis

What if the cost for everything you ever wanted was everything you ever were?

When Jenna has to let go of yet another dream she'd held onto since childhood, that’s it. She isn't about to let her dream job slip through her fingers, even if it means walking away from everything and everyone else in her life. Starting over on a remote idyllic Maine island working on their museum's butterfly house rehabilitation project seems almost too good to be true. When the museum director takes an interest in more than her work, she knows her life there is too good to be true. Left questioning reality and her sanity, she uncovers the island's deadly secrets as well as the harrowing role intended for her all along.

Unable to pull herself away from her work or the strange creature whose attention she's caught, will Jenna survive the island and keep her sanity? Or, will she succumb and be lost, body and soul, to the beast? Come join her on an island too picturesque to be real as she's entangled in a romance where everything is darker and more sinister than the paint on the picket fences.

Imogen Feare Vol. 1

There were limits to how many jobs Imogen could take on to keep herself busy enough to avoid the ghosts at home, so when a position that just might involve travel came to her attention, she wasn't about to let it pass her by. But the grandfatherly man who hired her neglected to mention that the work for his peculiar client would lead her even further into the world of ghosts, the occult, and creatures she'd far rather have relegated to story books. Hunted and haunted, will her escape prove too costly?

Imogen Feare Vol. 2

An ocean away from home, haunted, hunted, and coming to grips with what the gift of her sight means, Imogen is faced with what appears to be a losing battle. Nonetheless, she remains determined not to let the creatures and ghosts that hound her choose her next steps for her. Will taking the path she wants lead her to the life she wants, further into the shadows, or into the murky waters of chaos and death?

Natural Voices

A collaborative collection of poetry and other writings coordinated by the Natural Land Institute and celebrating the natural beauty of the northern Illinois region