About the Author

Slee Fenton, historian, artist, and avid supporter of the Oxford comma, lives in a tiny carriage house turned library hiding between two unsuspecting houses located in Northern Illinois, with her spouse, two children, a miniature god, and goofhound. She writes from the former hayloft and watches the moon through stained glass windows. She has been published in numerous literary journals and holds a BA in history from Rockford College. Many days she can be found tending the cemetery where she will eventually be buried or painting a murder of crows on the wall.

Her poetry has been published in After Hours, Earth's Daughters, The Avocet, Natural Land Institute's Natural Voices, Bad Goth Poetry, The Feast,, Word of Art, and the Ordo Rubeus Crux Ansata Annual Chapbook

She has been a featured speaker for the Natural Land Institute, and has performed at various poetry events since the early '00s. She has also presented at Chicago Steampunk Exposition and Teslacon on topics ranging from burial practices to emigration, and from prognostication to necromancy.